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DiamondLand specializes in diamond jewelry and fancy colored jewelry is no exception for us. From beautiful rings in various colors and settings to bracelets that are sure to take your breath away, we offer it all!

Ever since its inception, DiamondLand has put in its best to handcraft some of the finest pieces of jewelry for its customers. Catering to different tastes and needs, we present extensive collections of some of the most beautiful rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants that you will ever set your eyes on. Whether you want a white gold ring with a black diamond, or are interested in purchasing yellow gold earrings with colored gemstones, rest-assured that we offer it all!

Our fancy colored jewelry is known for its sheer perfection

DiamondLand has soared to such immense heights of popularity due to its commitment and desire to present utmost brilliance and perfection in its jewelry. Our customers come to us with a clear mindset that they will get just what they need from us – high quality jewelry that oozes sophistication. Whether you want a diamond engagement ring or need a beautiful necklace with a ruby studded in an Italian design, DiamondLand is here to help you choose from one of the largest collections in the whole of Antwerp.

What truly sets our jewelry apart is the fact that it features unique and extravagant designs that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. To help you learn more about our jewelry and to assist you in choosing what’s best for your style, we even offer free guided tours of our showroom in 15 different languages. But if you can’t come visit us in Antwerp, you can always check out our beautiful collection of fancy colored jewelry at DiamondLand.be!