Buy an engagement ring and receive overnight stay in a top hotel in Antwerp

Throughout centuries the engagement ring has been the perfect symbol for love and the entire engagement time is one of the most romantic times of a person’s life. But selecting a perfect ring definitely requires some research. There are so many aspects to the diamond craft that it is easy to pay too much or get something that has a low quality and will possibly have a negative impact on your engagement.

Why DiamondLand?
At DiamondLand we have helped couples select the perfect diamond rings for many years and we have become leading in the field of engagement consulting. Because we have such a large collection of diamonds and goldsmiths and diamond polishers on our premises, our consultants can really give objective and unbiased advice to get the perfect fit for your budget and personal preferences.

The most romantic engagement ever.
When you do decide to purchase your engagement ring at DiamondLand, contact one of our diamond consultants now and have him or her contact you to discuss your preferences and budget. When you decide to come to our store with your fiancée, we will have a good selection prepared that is all close to your preferences and within your budget. And to make it especially memorable, you get one free overnight stay* in one of the top hotels of Antwerp if you decide to buy a diamond engagement ring! So make use of our expertise as one of our diamond specialists guides you through the world of diamond engagement rings.

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Unforgettable moments

We will make the booking in the hotel of your choice for you. Please provide us with all relevant information so that we can make the necessary arrangements. We will refund you the overnight stay at the hotel upon your purchase in Diamondland.

The following hotels are available for a minimum budget of € 1500,- EURO :

The following hotels are available for a minimum budget of €2500,- EURO :