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Diamond certificates

A purchase of a loose diamond in Diamondland is always accompanied by an international certificate of the Diamond High Council ( HRD ) or the international Gemmological Institute ( IGI ). The GIA certificates which are mainly used in the USA, are less common in Antwerp, Europe, but can also be delivered.
All of these certificates are internationally recognised.

They provide all the essential information about the diamond; all its characteristics: (see 4 C’s ): carat, colour, clarity and cut. It will also report its proportions and the quality of its cut as well as its degree of fluorescence and of course all the detailed measurements.

HRD certificates

The Diamond High Council is the officially recognised representative of the Belgium diamond trade and industry. HRD headquarters are located in Antwerp, World Diamond Center.

The HRD Issues Three Kinds Of Certificates:

The HRD diamond certificate, which guarantees the authenticity of a diamond and thus rules out the possibility of it being an imitation or a synthetic diamond. Also, the certificate contains a complete quality description of the diamond, with regard to shape, weight, clarity grade, fluorescence, colour grade, measurements, proportions and finish grade. These quality characteristics determine the value of the stone.

The HRD diamond identification report, which is intented for diamonds under 1.00 ct. This is an efficient and fast service.

The HRD diamond colour certificate, in which attention is paid to the specific characteristics that determine the value of colour diamonds, such as the colour description, the colour design and the luminescence. It is especially important whether the diamond under examination is a natural fancy colour diamond or a treated diamond.

The below example will give you an insight in what an HRD diamond certificate entails. It contains a large amount of information that will determine the value of the gemstone.


The IGI Diamond Report


The International Gemmological Institute is the oldest institute of its kind in Antwerp. Set up in 1975 with labs in New York, Bangkok, Mumbai and Tokyo

The IGl Diamond Report is essentially a statement attesting to the authenticity of a diamond and providing a reliable and accurate statement of its identity and grade based on an internationally recognized system.

Each diamond is scientifically analysed by several gemmologists who use their experience in combination with state-of-the-art equipment to produce an accurate description of the characteristics of the diamond and the quality of its cut. With its detailed information presented in understandable language, the different qualities of a diamond can be truly appreciated.

The grade or quality of a diamond is based on four characteristics commonly referred to as the 4C’s: the Carat weight, Color, Clarity and Cut. These are analyed and the results are recorded in the IGl Diamond Report.

The GIA Diamond Report


The Gemological Institute of America was founded in 1931 in Los Angeles. The GIA created and introduced the international grading system. Headquarters are still located in Los Angeles.