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Planning a visit to Antwerp, Belgium? Then these tourism links will prove a great inspiration!

Antwerp is an amazing city that offers the best of many worlds. For example we can guarantee you that there’s no better place to experience the diamond trade in its full glory than in Antwerp. But the city has much more to offer than just diamonds. Check the links below to see just how much more there is to do in the capital of diamonds from the world’s most delicious chocolates, architecture across the centuries to a fashion and shopping experience with the Antwerp Six, you’re guaranteed a great holiday if you come visit our favourite city.

    Diamond Creole earrings

    Looking for a beautiful pair of earrings? You should definitely go for Creole earrings set with diamonds. They will match every outfit and make your ears shine. An other advantage is that they are hin...

    Italian design: white golden, diamond necklace

    Like everybody knows Italy is recognized for its fashion, interior an automobile design. Italy is a world trendsetter and has the best and most famous designers. So if we say that we offer a beautiful...

    Diamond jewellery with coloured gemstones

    Emarald green and deep Sapphire blue are trending colours. Two beautiful colours that can be combined with each other and with neutral colours. These fashion colours exist also in jewellery. But like...