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About DiamondLand, Antwerp’s largest diamond shop

Diamondland’s history started in 1983 when a prestigious 1000m2 large diamond showroom, integrating a part of a diamond factory was opened right in the middle of the world famous Antwerp Diamond Center.

Visitors can buy their diamond engagement rings or loose diamonds directly at the source. At the same time they can see diamond polishers, setters and a goldsmith at work. Visitors are welcomed in their own language and during a 20 minutes guided tour, they are made familiar with cleaving, sawing, bruting, polishing and the international rules for grading diamonds; treating subjects like carat, colour, cut and clarity. They can buy certified diamonds, loose diamonds and diamond jewellery.

Visitors can choose a diamond and see for themselves how their diamond is being mounted into a exquisite piece of jewellery. The mounting can usually be done in a few hours.

Diamondland welcomes visitors from all over the world

Nowadays Diamondland receives more than 120.000 foreign visitors from every possible country in the world. They are thrilled by the direct access to our secluded Antwerp diamond district and to our unique price structure. In the jewellery department more than 1.500 pieces of diamond jewellery and unset diamonds are displayed for those wishing to benefit from prices only a diamond factory in the diamond city of Antwerp can offer.

Diamondland collaborates very closely with all official institutions such as the Diamond High Council , the Belgian Tourist Federation, the Provincial Authorities, the City of Antwerp, the Chamber of Commerce,….

We have the honor to invite you to Diamondland and to personally take a look at this fascinating world. All you have to do is send us an e-mail or call Mrs. Pisolati at +32 3 3690 780 to make the arrangements.